Erin Wasson Is Everywhere

To answer Fashion Week Daily‘s question — “is it just nous, or is Erin Wasson partout these days?” — that would be yes. The supermodel-turned-stylist-turned-fashion and jewelry designer is in fact pretty much everywhere you look. She threw a monster of a fashion show at New York Fashion Week this season, complete with a live performance from Gang Gang Dance and an appearance from Bruce Willis. (Unfortunately, the fashions themselves weren’t as apt to grab headlines.) And it looks like she’s showing no signs of stopping or slowing down, according to FWD’s recent interview.

Her jewelry line is still going strong: “In the past, I had only done high-end pieces, and so this time around I decided to do costume jewelry,” she says. And, Wasson’s second time (see her first here) moonlighting as a stylist at Elle magazine will be showcased in the magazine’s October issue, for whom she outfitted James King. But if Wasson could really have her way, she’d add groupie to her resume. Specifically, she’d go on tour with the late, great Jimi Hendrix: “Going on tour with Jimi Hendrix would be by ultimate. It would be balls to the wall. There would be no boundaries.” As for what she misses most about her hometown in Texas: “I miss the true southern hospitality. Every guy opens a car door for you. I miss the yes ma’am, no ma’am.” Wonder if Jimi would have approved …

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