Erin Wasson Housewares, Anyone?

“There’s an interior designer inside me dying to get out!” were the exact words uttered by Erin Wasson when we chatted last year. It looks like the supermodel/stylists/designer, even while balancing multiple projects, hasn’t let the idea go. Her recent hint at her new design direction comes by way of an interview conducted on Australia’s Bondi Beach.

During a recent trip to Down Under, Wasson sat with Kate Waterhouse of The Sydney Morning Herald to discuss everything from being tormented in high school (“people always thought that I looked really butch”) to shopping (“I don’t really buy designer stuff”).

When asked about how she might expand her jewelry line, she explained, “interior design is just another extension because when you design clothing and jewelry, you’re creating a lifestyle and naturally you take that to another level.” Given the radness of her own digs, our fingers are crossed that she’ll follow through.

Photo: Todd Selby

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