Confederacy: LA’s New Frontline for Men’s Fashion

Taking fashion cues from a That 70s Show star might at first not sound like such a good idea. But stroll around actor Danny Masterson’s and stylist Ilaria Urbinati’s sprawling new Los Angeles boutique Confederacy, and you’re likely to think otherwise. “The 5,000-square-foot locale will sell clothes from the usual suspects (Bastian, Ervell, Tim Hamilton), accessories from Woolrich and Rag & Bone (who also designed the staff’s uniforms), and everything from vintage issues of GQ to antique workout equipment (used as a display).”

Also slated to hit the store’s racks are bespoke suits courtesy of the Strokes’ Albert Hammond Jr. Looking for kicks? Confederacy stocks everything from Common Projects to Givenchy in its “shoe living room.” And the store’s amenities don’t stop there. Confederacy will also double as an art exhibition space — the first show of which will feature sketches by Julian Schnabel. Not bad for a guy who DJs under the name “Mom Jeans.”

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