Columbia Has a New Fashion Rag

One of the last things Ivy Leagues schools may collectively connote is fashion. But, as we saw with Harvard last fall–the institution launched its very own clothing line of “contemporary menswear based on classic Ivy League style–academics may in fact know a thing or two about style. Or, at least they may think they do. Following in Harvard’s footsteps is Columbia, who will launch its very first fashion magazine this spring. Called Hoot, the magazine’s debut issue features none other than real housewife Kelly Bensimon on its cover. Why? “We hope to embrace our differences in the magazine, whether we dress by strict orthodox rules or play up the drama for television,” a blog post on Hoot‘s website announcing the magazine’s launch reads.

Crack jokes all you want, the mag (which, kudos to Hoot, is all available online) covers some pretty serious style terrain. Not only is the magazine run by an ethnically diverse staff (not something you see very often in the offices of Conde Nast or Hearst’s fashion rags), it tackles some more heavy subject matter, even if it is all still fashion. The first issue looks at what young orthodox Jews are wearing these days, as well as profiles Lisa Cant, a Columbia student and professional model since the age of 14. There’s also an original fashion editorial featuring a Columbia student that is by no means your average size zero mannequin. Finally some fashion images featuring real women that don’t pull you one extreme or the other. In case those weren’t enough, one more reason to stay tuned: a new website is slated to premiere soon.

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