Colette Also Blogs: Paris Boutique Recruits Blogger Supergroup

imageParisian boutique and arguable arbiter of cool Colette has just launched a slew of new guest blogs. While the retailer launched its own blogsite back in September, now nearly a dozen super-cool creatives are contributing to “colette blogs.” So far a range of designers, musicians, and trendsetters have signed up. Some are posting with more fervency and frequency than others, of course.

Fashion designer Alexis Mabille, graffiti artist Fafi, and DJs A-Trak and Michel Gaubert are just some of the recognizable faces contributing content. Uslu Airlines’ Feride Uslu and PR maven (and longtime girlfriend of Terry Richardson) Jen Brill are also on board. Just one more reason to say “merci, Colette” (and a reminder to start updating your RSS reader).

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