Coco Chanel Stooped, Conquered by Lifetime

Lifetime better get their fashion act together if they plan to succeed as the new home of Project Runway. Turns out the weepy network has a new MOW about fashion legend Coco Chanel — and according the New York Times, it’s not so good. (Why the Times is reviewing anything from Lifetime is anyone’s guess.) The movie is rife with inaccuracies, starting with the actresses playing Chanel … that being Barbara Bobulova as young Coco and screen legend Shirley McLaine as the older Coco. Suffice it to say, neither resemble the original. NYT critic Linda Stasi summarized the film thusly: “Clearly the filmmakers are striving for La Vie En Rose, but end up with La Vie En Dull.” If you must, catch Coco on Lifetime September 13.

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