Chrissie Miller on the Future of Sophomore

In a recent interview with Chrissie Miller — Sophomore’s super cool designer (and scion of famed astrologer Susan Miller) — Missbehave magazine’s editor Lesley Arfin uncovers a number of gems regarding the designer’s burgeoning label and downtown NYC youth culture, of which Miller and Arfin have long been bona fide card-carrying members. First, Arfin divulges how the pair met: “I introduced myself to Chrissie because I liked her T-shirt. That’s how cool kids used to meet back in the day. They complimented each other’s gear because American Apparel didn’t exist yet and 50/50 poly-cotton blends were scarce.” While in the conversation Miller touches on which tees (the lifeblood of her label) have been the most successful (surprisingly, the peace sign), she also muses quite a bit on designs not yet executed and where she foresees the brand moving in the future.

“The one shirt that I really want to make that I never made, another one that I don’t know if people would get … You know the “Listen to Bob Marley” shirt? I want to make one that says, “Listen to the War Report,” Miller says. As for her long-term plans: “I kind of have this fantasy about doing a big band and doing all their merch, like their leather jackets and their pins … I’d love to do new Rolling Stones stuff, because their stuff sucks right now. Kings of Leon, The Strokes, yeah there are tons of bands I would totally — I would even do it for free because it’s so much fun.” Either way, the secret, she says, is sticking to what comes easy. “Those are the ones that work the best, the one’s that come together that quickly. If I’m struggling with it I try to just move on.”

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