Charlize Theron on ‘Vogue,’ Marisa Tomei’s One of the Boys

Vogue’s September issue cover may have leaked and, if so, actress Charlize Theron has landed the coveted title of cover girl for the fashion magazine’s biggest annual issue. Although that’s figuratively speaking of course, as this year’s ad sales are the lowest Vogue has seen in years (meaning the issue is 200+ pages thinner than the infamous September issue documented in the soon-to-be-released RJ Cutler documentary). Sadly, little feels special about the image itself; it’s the same close-up of an actress from the waist up in a formal gown we’ve seen from Vogue for years.


A distinctly fresher image can be found in Scott Sterberg’s FW09 ads for Boy. His female counterpart collection to Band of Outsiders pictures actress Marisa Tomei. The latter is wielding a knife in the kitchen of LA’s Chateau Marmont. Save for the cut-out, lace-up boots with knit tights (oh so 2009), Tomei’s style looks decidedly Hitchcock 60s heroine (which isn’t surprising considering Sternberg is a bona fide cinephile). What’s perhaps most interesting about the photo, however, is the fact that Tome isn’t touched up; after all, the picture is a Polaroid in typical Band of Outsiders and Boy style.

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