Chanel’s New Shades Make Narcissism Easy

Chanel’s success lies in creating classic, elegant items in timeless silhouettes: the tweed skirtsuit, the quilted bag, cream and black ballet flats. Now, Karl Lagerfeld is catapulting the company into the future, combining sunglasses and compact mirrors in one, futuristic design – mirror glasses!

The new Chanel frames keep their trademark quilted pattern, but the surprise mirror on the side lets you check for errant spinach in your teeth on the go. You could also leave the mirror open as a courtesy to your dinner guests, in case they have food in their pearly whites, or their powdered pompadour has lost some steam. Either way, the glasses will set you back a cool $740, which is appropriate considering the oversize frames are big enough to hide the embarrassment of having just purchased them.

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