Blogger Tees New At Forever 21, Controversy At Zara

Illustrated T-shirts by California-based artist Danny Roberts featuring likenesses of fashion bloggers got loaded onto racks at Forever 21 today. “The portraits on the shirts of the bloggers behind Pandora, Fashion Squad, Because I’m Addicted, Style Bytes and Alice Point were culled from an existing series of blogger images, many of which he made to thank bloggers he reads and appreciates,” says Women’s Wear Daily. Up next for the 24-year-old artist is “a third collaboration with Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku Lovers and a first with men’s footwear brand Heutchy.”

Meanwhile, a controversy is heating up among fashion bloggers over a similar style of tee, currently on sale at Zara.

The Spanish retailer reportedly started stocking tees with illustrations of both Betty from fashion blog Le Blog de Betty and Tavi of Style Rookie— without their permission. “Maybe you were one of the 700+ people who left comments saying how ashamed they are of Zara, how they would support her in a boycott, how she deserves money and should sue them,” commented blogger Ganymede Kids in a post on Betty’s blog entitled “Zara, we have a problem.”

It’s nothing new that fast-fashion retailers, like high-fashion brands, are looking to cash in on all the fashion blogger fuss. H&M is partnering with Bryanboy, while Jane Aldridge of Sea of Shoes got a shoe design contract from Urban Outfitters thanks to her virtual presence. Zara’s misguided example shows how getting on a blogger’s good side can lead an enormous amount of exposure, while getting on their bad side can lead to a boycott that’s spreading like wildfire.

Photo via Fashionista

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