Band of Outsiders’ New Bag

Scott Sternberg–the former CAA agent and brains behind the exponentially expanding fashion brand Band of Outsiders (which includes the ladies line Boy)–isn’t slowing down anytime soon. In fact, fresh off of adding e-commerce into the mix over at BOO’s LA headquarters, Sternberg has announced he’ll soon be offering lower-priced alternatives to his women’s line. In the meantime, Sternberg is ramping up production of his women’s line from twice a season to four times a season as a result of the fact that women’s fashion inherently houses a must more rapid turnover rate.

In a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal, Sternberg sites his west coast stomping grounds as essential to his brand’s success story. “If I was here in New York in this mix influenced by the same thing all these people are influenced by, the edge would be gone,” he says, adding, “this [L.A.] bubble is vital to being able to do something that is not informed by fashion.” Apparently, not following in line with the many burgeoning NYC fashion brands includes casting humor-loving Hollywood muses (from Jason Schwartzman to Leslie Mann) for campaigns and embracing odd ball blog endeavors. The latter include homages by Sternberg to both his love for legos and cookies, respectively.

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