Asher Levine Transforms Fashion at the Jefferson Market Library

Shape-shifting designer Asher Levine never ceases to impress us with his thought-provoking collections each season. From the biological kingdom to infection, his work is continuously fueled by a compelling theme that stimulates our senses and allows us to peer into the designer’s unique vision for both the sartorial world and humanity as a whole. For fall 2012, Levine develops a visual dialect using motifs and iconography to reveal a new layer of fashion’s future.

His NYFW presentation took place this past Saturday at the Jefferson Market Library—a fitting setting for a designer that is known for turning the page. In addition to offering new shapes, textures and even light-up helmets for his progressive armor, Levine introduced a new color palette, proving that his designs are not muted, but mutated. 


Another highlight of the show was when Makerbot’s 3D Printer, The Replicator, live-printed the sunglasses worn by models. Watch the presentation coverage edited by Matt Schaff here.

Photos: Kat + Duck, Ernie Green, and Patrick McMullan.

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