Armani’s New Couture Line Perfect for 2011 Space Travel

In a marked departure from Giorgio Armani’s career-length homage to neutral colors, clean lines, and elegant symmetry, the latest couture collection from Armani Privé is more suited for a high-fashion Jane Jetson. Leaving no space-age fabric behind, Armani crafted unconventional silhouettes with metallic silks, reflective organza, and metal mesh–materials you’d be hard pressed to find in any previous Armani collection, ever.

The looks were largely monochromatic, with knee length dresses over leggings, topped by metal hats resembling various shapes of flying saucers or mesh fencing veils. Many of the floor-length gowns feature a waist-level cut-out, exposing a jolt of complementing or contrasting color–a similar look to the surrealist Viktor & Rolf gowns from last winter.

Expected to appear at the show’s close in a space suit and helmet, Armani attributed the line’s inspiration to an unusual piece of jewelry he found in Milan, as evidenced by the show’s backdrop: giant faceted gemstones in the same jewel tones seen throughout the line. While Armani’s latest might not be terribly wearable, we appreciate his devotion to a cohesive theme, and if we ever complete a mission to Mars, we know exactly where we’ll be shopping for the trip.

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