APC’s New NYC Shop

A.P.C. is expanding its hold over the NYC retail market with an additional store come fall, the store’s blog reveals. “It will be on 92 Perry Street, right in the West village,” the A.P.C. Journal says of the boutique,which should be open before the end of September. A blueprint of the not-yet-opened space was also released, although it divulges little more than the its minute size. In a recent profile in Interview Magazine, A.P.C.’s beguiling founder Jean Touitou discloses quite a bit more about the shop. “We will open two stores on Perry Street—one more jeans-and-accessories-focused and the other one will be the full collection.” The feature also includes Touitou’s musings on how the 23-year-old brand came to be, men’s versus women’s wear, and Johnny Cash covers.

Touitou fell into the fashion industry at 26 (“Grown-up enough as a young man could be. Basically a man at 26 is like a woman at 16 . . . An adolescent.”), thanks to the creatives at Japanese label Kenzo. “Kenzo was my school. I did everything from packing boxes to accounting,” Touitou says. Also of note: the parallels between late 80s fashions and today’s in terms of women’s wear. “It was initially only a men’s line, but women liked it more, which should have been the contrary,” Touitou says of A.P.C.’s first collection. “But it was ’87, so that look was happening then. Women dressed as men.” As for contemporary menswear, Touitou lets it slip that he sees a large void in the market where his competition should be. “There are quite a few good designers out there, I believe, in men’s, but if you tell me I have competition, I’ll ask you who. Sorry, I know it sounds pretentious, but on an affordable, trendy, not-high-fashion, not-streetwear basis, I don’t see much out there that’s similar.”

As for women’s? There’s a lot more copying, Touitou says, not to mention a rapid consumption of trends, which consistently keeps brands on their toes. Touitou adds,”after being in this business around 23 years for A.P.C., you have to die and be born again. You have to say, ‘This store location isn’t happening,’ and make it fresh somewhere else”… which just might explain the new Perry Street location. “Maybe later this year I’m going to start a new music project of cover versions. Johnny Cash probably…”

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