APC’s Jean Touitou Goes Back To School

Over the years French fashion brand A.P.C. has become synonymous with stellar raw selvage denim and updated, Parisian chic-infused takes on American staples (trenches, A-line dresses and great leather footwear, for instance). Although, the brand’s founder Jean Touitou hasn’t stopped at solely making great clothes. With numerous noteworthy art and music collaborations under his belt, it seems Touitou recently set his sights on a significantly more distinctive endeavor: opening a kindergarten in Paris. Called A.P.E. (or Ateliers de la Petite Enfance) and located in Paris’ 6th arrondissement, the school opened late last year and today is a fully functioning full-time or part-time place of learning for children aged 2 to 6.

I learned of the school thanks to a recent trip to Artwords Bookshop in London’s Shoreditch, where I snagged a copy of the Barcelona-based interiors magazine, Apartamento. The rag features interviews with creatives about their respective live and work spaces–from Bless’ freshly renovated Berlin studio to artist Alexandria Singh’s East Williamsburg abode. In other words, think an intellectually-charged The Selby in print form. Inside the latest issue, Apartamento sits down with Touitou to discuss the venture into early education (a move sparked by the fact that Touitou was unhappy with the educational offerings for his youngest daughter). Not to mention, as Touitou puts it, “after 20 years spent in the fashion industry I wanted to touch at last [on] something related to civilization.” Enrollment might not be cheap: fees range from 460 euro/month for part-time students, to 1100 euro/month for full-time tikes. But, needless to say, A.P.E. could easily take the title of chicest kindergarten the world over.

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