Anna Sui Saves via Tee

imageGeorge Clooney may have Darfur, and Brad Pitt has New Orleans, but Anna Sui has a plight of her own: saving the Garment District. The New York designer is doing what she does best — designing — in order to rescue the rapidly evaporating manufacturing center. You can purchase a T-shirt that reads “Save the Garment Center”; on the back are the phone numbers for important NYC government officials. Sui told WWD, “What are we going to do? In my lifetime, I have seen the area changing, but I can’t believe New York can’t set aside some building designated to preserving the industry here.” The root of the garment industry problem is rising cost of rents (what else?!). The T-shirts will be available for $6 through Thomas Miller at Anna Sui; all orders must be submitted by Friday in order to wear by Fashion Week.

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