Amy Smilovic & Elin Kling on Styling Tibi’s SS12 Runway

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While there are definitely a host of spring collections I’m looking forward to seeing this NYFW, one runway show I’m considerably hyped for is Tibi on September 13, which will be styled by Elin Kling – a first for the Swedish fashion blogger. When we chatted with her earlier this year, she noted that she treats her blog like a CV, as it documents both her work-related experiences and undeniable knack for styling herself. Her unique sophisticated-sportswear aesthetic caught the eye of Tibi designer Amy Smilovic, so she asked Kling to help create the looks for the label’s spring runway and campaign—and we can’t wait to see the outcome. To toast the collaboration, we asked Smilovic and Kling a few separate questions to see if they’re really on the same style wavelength (hint: they are).

Amy Smilovic What’s your inspiration for Tibi’s SS12 collection? The inspiration is taken heavily from the ’90s—a freshly scrubbed Gisele from the pages of Vogue—clean, crisp, sporty looks and relaxed styles you want to live in. If I could sum it up it would be “effortlessly-chic.” The main colors are graphic and cold mixed with some warmer pastel shades. When styling this collection, we asked ourselves two questions: 1) Are we dying to wear these outfits ourselves? and 2) Would we look twice if we saw someone else wearing it?

Who is the ultimate Tibi girl? She’s cool and has a relaxed attitude. She’s never trying too hard and has a total ease about her style. Elin embodies the Tibi girl.

How did you choose to work with Elin? I contacted Elin because, of course, I was familiar with her and her blog, Style By Kling. This really gave me a sense of her personal style, which represents a side of my own. I had a good sense of how she mixes and matches clothing and I was excited and curious to see what she could do with this collection.

What can we expect from the Tibi SS12 show? I keep repeating these words, but I can only sum it up as what I feel the looks represent: very clean, relaxed and effortless. You’ll see bold colors mixed with saturated pastel hues, both feminine and masculine detailing and pretty yet downtown chic silhouettes. Elin and I have been meshing well together on a creative level so I think you won’t find any surprises here but she’s throwing in some interesting elements that can only be devised by bouncing of ideas off each other.

What is your favorite Tibi runway look this season? My favorite look is the Bermuda short suit in poplin—it feels new and I can’t wait to wear it with a strappy heeled sandal.


Elin Kling How did the collaboration come about? I was so excited when Amy asked and since I never have styled a show before this was a true challenge. I was also very excited that Amy really wanted me to do Tibi in my way. What we can expect from the show? You can expect 18 confident girls on a runway with a look to be jealous of. Hopefully! What’s your favorite Tibi runway look this season? Well, after all these days working with Amy, I’m not surprised that we have the same favorite look – the Bermuda shorts! That’s all I want to wear from now on. How do you hope to put your own influence into the show? I don’t want to try too hard or get stressed about creating something that really stands out. I will work in the same way as when I did my collection for H&M—just do exactly what I like and try to feel comfortable with that. How will Tibi work into your own wardrobe? Very well! What I like about Tibi is that it’s a brand that has pieces that will fit into so many wardrobes; it’s all about how you wear it.