Alicia Keys Teams with Water Doctor for New Jewelry Line

Add Alicia Keys to the growing roster of musicians who design (Kings of Leon, Beth Ditto and Liam Gallagher included). “The 12-time Grammy Award winner has collaborated with jewelry designer Gisèle Theriault to launch The Barber’s Daughters Jewelry,” says Women’s Wear Daily. But this isn’t any straightforward silver jewelry. According to WWD, the jewelry itself will be inscribed with “positive inscriptions of poetry and prayers of Dr. Masaru Emoto (author of Hidden Messages in Water).” For those not familiar with Emoto’s work, the controversial scientist essentially claims that water — when impressed with certain words and images (e.g. when a glass of water is placed atop a card reading “love”) or exposed to music — can actually change its make-up and take on a new form of energy.

According to Emoto, he re-crystallizes the properties of water so that, when consumed, it can have the effect of bettering varying aspects of one’s life (a more in depth, better explained documentation of the process in on Youtube here). This is all done with “words of intent,” which Key’s jewelry line will include. The line in question “will launch Nov. 23 and 24 at a pop-up store located at 26 Clinton Street in lower Manhattan.” No word as of yet as to whether or not the accessories in question bear their own special powers.

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