A.P.C.’s Jean Touitou Hates Designer Collaborations

Few brands boast a cult following quite like A.P.C.; the French company is synonymous with some of the most coveted selvage jeans one can find stateside, not to mention great clothes and accessories, generally speaking. Fresh off Jean Touitou opening an A.P.C. flagship store in Hong Kong, Hypbeast caught up with the face behind the iconic brand to talk designer collaborations and an upcoming project with Supreme. What was most interesting about the conversation is Touitou’s adamant dislike for designer collaborations: “I don’t like collaborations, because I think there are way too many of them right now. Frankly I hate them, cause it’s a purely a way for a business man to do business when business is dead. Business is dead so the boss tells the creative director, ‘find an idea to collaborate on.’ Sometimes they do not make sense at all.”

That’s not to say A.P.C. never partakes in designer partnerships. “For us, sometimes when we do collaborations with specific companies, we do it cause we specifically don’t have the know-how to make the particular product. We could do a sneaker, but it would be over-priced. If somebody would want to buy a new pair of sneakers every 3 months, it would not be very clever. For July, there will be some items with Supreme. The reason is, I really feel like I share a similar sense of morals and politics with them. I would shop at their Lafayette location even before I knew them. I found they had a really radical way of doing things,” Touitou says. As for the fruits of A.P.C. and Supreme’s partnership: “we’re going to do a pair of jeans that say ‘Fuck Em’ on the back patch and they should release in July.”

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