5 Trends That Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen Stole From Their Childhood

Happy birthday, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen! In honor of the twin moguls’ 26th birthday (can you believe they’re almost 30?), it’s time to look back at their most memorable fashion moments. But this isn’t your average style timeline; rather than survey single ensembles, I’ve rounded up five MKA kid looks and paired them with their MKA adult counterparts to prove that their only style muses are themselves. From Lennon tinted sunglasses (above) to public pajamas to Blossom-worthy flower hats, behold the Olsen twins: then and now. 

Public Pajamas


If you Google "Olsens baby photo," the image to the left is one of the first results you’ll find. There’s something about those matching PJs, barettes, and white Reebok kicks that the world just fell head over heels for, which allowed the duo to explore beyond their shared role as Michelle Tanner in Full House and become the mini moguls that they are today. The image to the right is from Vogue, and perhaps a salute to their public pajama roots. 

Flower Hats


Ah, the ’90s. In the age of Blossom and Sabrina the Teenage Witch, a hat with a flowers (preferably in the center) was a TV star’s style requisite. MKA sported this trend proudly, complete with identical ensembles to up the adorable factor. The Olsens may not wear matching clothing today, but they still share a similar flair for floppy hats. 

Breton Stripes


MKA was rocking the mariner vibe way before "sailor chic" was a thing. Here they are in, yet again, matching looks with statement hats. Today, sadly, the Olsens prefer a more subtle approach to stripes.

Halloween Costumes


If we’ve learned anything from MKA’s style evolution, it’s that these girls know how to play dress-up. I nearly died when they donned Batman and Catwoman masks in their StyleMint Halloween promo last year. Fingers crossed that this year they revive some of their elaborate costumes from those amazing musical mystery videos, The Adventures of Mary-Kate and Ashley.

Photos: Vogue, Teen Vogue, Buzzfeed, Olsen Anonymous

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