5 Really Funny Fashion Week Videos to Calm Your Nerves

‘Tis here: New York Fashion Week is finally upon us and, like always, it feels like the first day of school. Editors, stylists, influencers and fashion month jetsetters are currently roaming the streets in their meticulous effortless Sartorialist-approved outfits as they tote fresh new Moleskines and It accessories. Will you be invited to the popular table this year? Did you do all your homework? Do you have your calender planned? Now that you know what to do tonight for Fashion’s Night Out and have a good idea which celebrity designers will be presenting throughout the week, it’s time to chill the eff out and have a good laugh. From P’Trique to The Man Repeller, here’s a roundup of hilarious fashion week spoofs to get you through this anxiety-ridden day.

This is how P’Trique gets ready:

Here’s how to and how not to get street-style snapped: 

It’s fashion week boot camp y’all:

A Lanvin fall 2011 spoof starring top bloggers is always welcomed:

You will here or say these things more than once this week, guaranteed:


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