You Too Can Enjoy a Purse-Free Existence

We’ve covered our bases for those of us with baggage to spare, but what about the women who pride themselves on their streamlined micro-purses, leaving behind all but the most essential items? You know, the women that don’t need 3 different lipsticks, a pashmina, and their DSLR? Fashion blogger Luxirare has you in mind. On Sunday, she unveiled her latest design, and it’s perfect for when you just can’t bear the thought of a heavy purse straining your shoulder.

The Luxirare Minivest holds only the things you can’t leave home without — keys, phone, and credit cards or ID. There’s barely enough leftover space for lipstick. Crafted out of adjustable leather straps and a variety of luxury fabrics, the minivest is appropriate for all seasons, and you can see Luxirare’s elegant styling on her website. All of the vests are handmade from the finest materials, which explains the steep pricetag (from $190-420), but judging by Luxirare’s recent steady increase in popularity, these pieces are sure to be collector’s items when she finally begins to mass-produce her designs, as many of us have been hoping for and expecting.

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