Writing Open Letters to Cathy Horyn Is a Thing

There’s a new designer drinking the Horyn haterade. Following Oscar De La Renta’s open letter to New York Times fashion critic Cathy Horyn where the iconic fashion designer called her a "3-day old hamburger" as a rebuttle to her calling him a "hot dog," Saint Laurent creative director Hedi Slimane took to Twitter yesterday to blast her in an open letter titled "My Own Times." The piece is a response to a negative review of his debut Saint Laurent collection and is written in newspaper style font to drive the dig home. Slimane gets straight to the point by calling the fashion critic a "a schoolyard bully" and deems her personal style as "seriously challenged." What is this world coming to?


While the cool and classy ODLR has already moved on from the mini-feud and assured Horyn that she is invited back to his show, Slimane makes it clear in his letter above that, "she will never get a seat at Saint Laurent." Ouch.

Designers aren’t the only ones that have publically slammed Horyn; at the Mugler show in Paris a few days ago, Lady Gaga debuted a new rap song (yes, she raps now) that includes the following lyrics: "Nicopanda got style, trick, Cathy Horyn your style ain’t dick. Walk a mile in these foot-high heels, I run in these you ain’t running shit. You chew beef, I wear meat – I’m getting fat and so is my bank. From a sold-out world tour, bitch." 

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