With a New Book, the CFDA Shows Us How Designers Travel in Style

We tend to get crippled with jealousy every time we encounter another fancy-pants perk that comes with being part of the fashion world’s upper echelon. Take Third Reich fanboy John Galliano, whose rehab center makes our apartment look like his hero’s bombed-out bunker. Now, with their new book, American Fashion Travel: Designers on the Go, the Council of Fashion Designers of America has taken it upon themselves to show us have-nots how these sartorialists get around. We say, bring it.

Out May 15, the book provides a standing-room-only peek into the travel habits of America’s most celebrated designers. Elle Tahari, Donna Karan and Diane Von Furstenberg, have all provided pictures and scrapbook-like mementos of their favorite places to eat, sleep, and hangout around the world. Recommendations include Simon Spurr’s choice hotel, The Dylan, in Amsterdam; Tommy Hilfiger’s revered grazing spot, New Delhi’s Bukharai; and Von Frustenberg’s preference for flying Air France. The $45 book will published by Assouline, and the CFDA has just tweeted a picture of their first copy, which showed up at their office today, fashionably late, of course.

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