Why Do So Many Ballers Channel Steve Urkel These Days?

We really didn’t expect star NBA players to jump on the geeky bandwagon… I mean, aren’t jocks the mortal enemy of geeks? What’s a-goin-on? But lo and behold, MVPs everywhere have been spotted getting Urkel-fresh in in varsity cardigans, lensless wayfarers and sailboat-ready terrycloth polo shirts. There’s even an Adidas t-shirt out now emblazoned with the alter-geek-os of Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant (I have to admit, they’re pretty cute). I guess wearing those bulky letterman jackets and pull-on gym pants off the courts was getting a bit too costly at the dry cleaners. Here are a few star b-ballers who have defaulted to the Dark Side of the Courts. 

LeBron James
On the court, James is a ball-dunking demon, but off, James often sports lensless horn-rimmed wayfarers and crisp, collared schoolboy button-downs. He’s also a fan of pairing button-down suit vests with retro kicks, striped cardis with tweed ties and private-school crested blazers with… well, anything, really. We think he’d fit right in on the grassy lawns of Oxford, don’t you?


Russell Westbrook
Never without his signature fire-engine red specs, Westbrook has even claimed to be the original “Nerd Swag” arbiter in a recent interview with the NYTimes. “I’ve been wearing glasses since I’ve been in the league,” he said. “I think everybody else just started wearing them now.” Them fightin’ words! A bespectacled James quickly retorted, “There’s no stories behind it. It’s a look. It’s a fashion thing. But he absolutely didn’t start it. I know I’ve been wearing mine for about two years now. I don’t know who started it. None of us started it. It could have started back in the ’70s or ’80s. Fashion comes and goes over decades.”

There you go. James – 1, Westbrook – 0. 



Dwayne Wade
It’s not easy being an all-star MVP: after all, you can’t really control what color of finger casts they have at the doc’s office. That’s why we think Wade is a genius for finding the perfect shade of plaid blue-green to contrast with his teal mini-cast. Bonus points for selectively posing next to an FD&C lime-colored Gatorade bottle. 


Kevin Durant
Durant is bringing the sexy back—literally. The 23-year old small forward for the OKC is seldom seen in public appearances without his beloved backpacks. He also has a penchant for tangerine-colored skinny ties, frilly pocket squares and little floral lapel pins. We love a man who has some feminine flair. 


Amare Stoudemire
Stoudemire can check off “sitting front row with Anna Wintour” off his bucket list in addition to “best use of a full blue sateen suit outside of a ‘70s movie.” The fashionably forward center player for the Knicks can often be seen wearing a checked bowtie, sleek black spectacles and preppy cardigans.


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