When Perfume Bottles and Genitals Collide

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Have you ever tried selling sex? It’s real easy. Post an article about a porn star and watch traffic soar (bet you clicked). Sell your soiled panties on eBay, and launch a bidding war. Shape your perfume bottles like penises and vaginas and get two-bit bloggers to blog about them. Billed as a “new wave of Erotic Art in Perfumery,” “Europe’s leading Crystal Artist” Emeshel is launching a premium line of men’s and women’s fragrances whose bottles are designed to mimic male and female genitalia. The five ladyflower flavors (“Nubia”) evoke various fruits and spices, not to mention “oil of bergamot.” The man-scent (“Rajul”) is strangely coy about content, saying only the smeller is “touched by the fragrance of the wet wind and the endless water.” A seminal sentiment indeed.