WATCH: Kit Keenan Shreds The Surf in Cynthia Rowley Wetsuit & High Heels!

If there was ever a “don’t try this at home” moment, it’s 0:48 into this impossibly cool short film titled SHREDDING IN HIGH HEELS, when 17-year-old Kit Keenan unpacks a pair of particularly foxy Cynthia Rowley shoes and decides to…surf in them. She proceeds to conquer the waves in style, to a soundtrack of The Orwells’ retro-groovy “Who Needs You.”

Rowley is actually her mom, and she beams, “The great thing about Kit is that she’s fearless; I always have an accomplice in any sort of daring activity.”

The designer is obviously renowned for her colorful, inimitable and very feminine dresses. But claiming to spend at least three days a week in the water, her Surf & Swim collection (including some uniquely stylish wetsuits) is something of a personal mission.

“I spend a lot of time in the water, and no one was making anything cool and good looking.”

Expect more Kit & Cynthia collaborations to follow in the promotion of that mission. “Kit has been making her own films,” says Rowley, “so hopefully she’ll be on the other side of the camera next time.”


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