W2W2: What to Wear to Six Six Sick @ Happy Ending

The Spot: Happy Ending (Lower East Side) – The dirty boys and girls of the east side flock to Tuesday’s Six Six Sick party to get dressed up, boozed up, then dirty all over again in this classic massage parlour turned drunk tank.

Patron Saint of Style: Lady Gaga. You know how you look at her with both interest and disdain, but also mentally note her couture for a future Halloween reference? That’s exactly the kind of costume you should be prepared to rock here, where fashion is about fun.

Ambiance: Depending on your arrival time, you should expect a shit-show on various levels. Earlier in the evening, light drinkers from an assortment of fashion PR firms and street photographers gather after a hard day’s work for cocktails in the red room upstairs — and to admire one another and their hipster get-ups. Skinny jeans (sometimes just painted on, it’s dark — you wont know the difference) with interesting tops and brightly hued shoes abound. That is, until the late show arrives. The place fills with a parade of neo-club kids, led by the avant garde trio Six Six Sick, posing for after-dark photogs in some of the wildest, most creative ‘fits one could dream up on Shopstyle.

Six Six Sick Party NYC

The Look: Plastic, neon, lacquer. All things impossible seem completely wearable when posing in an empty shower. Pick up a pair of plastic shades and wear them with the same clear beach bag you had when you were seven. In fact, anything you wore, or wanted to wear but couldn’t because there was no way Mom was letting you go to school like that, between 1980-1990 is completely safe here. All things bright and shiny are made fashionable thanks to sculptural cuts and sky-high heels. The Lolita feel that comes with your Barbie accessories and make-up is juxtaposed with suit jackets, trendy jumpsuits, and statement shoes. Footwear should walk the line, at once precious and dominatrix-friendly. Eyes and hair should be conceptual, if not to prove your hipness, at the very least it should conceal your identity when you accidentally (yeah right) have a nip slip for a Last Night’s Party shutterbug.

Get the Happy Ending Look: Clockwise from left: ● Beret: Gem Embellished Beret, Sonia Rykiel (available at Intermix) – $456 ● Makeup: Yellow Highly Pigmented Pressed Powder, Medusa Makeup (available at Patricia Field) – $9 ● Blazer: Topshop – $55 ● Sunglasses: Neon ‘Retro’ Style, Blue Banana (available at Blue Banana) – £4 ● Sleeveless Silk Jumpsuit: Adam (available at Intermix ) – $345 ● Gold Bracelet: Roger Vivier (available at Roger Vivier) – £720 ● Bag: Black Patent Leather Clutch Bag, Alexander McQueen (available at Alexander McQueen) – $505 ● Shoes: Cutout shoe boots, Givenchy (available at Barneys) – $377 ● Bag: Dylan beach bag, Jimmy Choo (available at Jimmy Choo ) – $1,050


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