Virgin Galactic Collaborates with Adidas Y-3 on Sartorial Space Suits

“With my eyes turned to the past, I walk backwards into the future,” once said Japanese designer Yohji Yamamato, informing a progressive collaboration between his sportswear Adidas label Y-3 and Richard Branson’s space tourism project Virgin Galactic. The design team behind this futuristic venture employed advanced fabrics and techniques to create a stylish line of apparel for the operations team, pilots and astronauts at New Mexico’s Spaceport America.

The two companies have been working on this project since 2013, but officially went public this week, previewing a series of three streamlined space suit prototypes produced using flame-resistant material. Everything is done for a functional reason, according to Y-3 Senior Director of Design Lawrence Midwood. They considered how comfortably pilots would be able to move throughout a spaceship and, of course, the safety of every design detail.

“At Y-3 we’re very inspired by uniform and work wear but to take inspiration from something is one thing—to try to provide a garment that experienced professional pilots will wear during test missions is something else,” said Midwood to Wallpaper. “The suit needs to be safe, bold, strong and confident – projecting security so the pilot is safe and comes across as a safe, heroic figure… who you’d trust taking your father on a daring trip.” Learn more, below:





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