Trends Your Boyfriend Will Never Like

They say women dress for other women. I’ve always had trouble believing that. If I’m running errands and looking like a hot mess, my worry is not what the lady ringing up my groceries thinks. I’m more concerned if the cute guy behind me has noticed the hole in the back of my sweatpants. Though I question my own beliefs when I see trends that women continue to wear despite male opposition (see The Man Repeller). I was motivated to write this blog after seeing Facebook status updates over the months pleading for women to “please stop” wearing certain styles. So, let’s go through some trends that ladies bask in and men balk about.

Oversized sweaters. The man verdict: I wore one once and a guy friend referred to it as my “granny sweater.” I returned it the next day.

Parachute pants. The man verdict: A male friend of mine updated his Facebook status with: “Girls please, please stop wearing those saggy pants that make you look like you had an accident.” Ouch.


Gladiator sandals. The man verdict: “What, did you get tangled up while basket weaving?”


Cropped baggy boyfriend jeans. The man verdict: “If I wanted to see beat-up, baggy jeans, I would just stare at myself in the mirror.”


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