Top 3: Rad Hourani

The scene at Milk Studios before the Rad Hourani Fall/Winter 2010 show during NYFW was chaotic: unyielding staff verifying listed names, insistent standing room hopefuls lingering at check-in, and revered guests dashing through the studio doors, followed by the flashing lights of equally-respected style photogs. But as I took my seat for the show, the mood quickly shifted from blinding noise to colorless subtlety—much like the young designer’s latest collection. From the dimly-lit runway, to the moody models with slicked-back hair, the entire production was Rad’s signature minimalist aesthetic. Each look carried its own weight, eliminating the need for color by illuminating the power of proportion. “It is a synchronic and chromatically distilled collection of polymorph unisex silhouettes. It’s very important for me to have no reference from the past or from a subculture or a vintage feeling in my collection—I’m from everywhere and nowhere,” explains Rad. “I design from a virgin point of view, trying to elude classical ready-to-wear rules that made us believe that women and men deserve different approaches. My pieces are timeless and are freed from any gender differentiations.”

Rad Hourani has been a cult favorite of the influential style crowd since the launch of his label three years ago. His ability to consistently produce progressive collections while maintaining his focus on androgynous-based garments with a strict color scheme can only be accomplished by an individual unfazed by the industry’s traditional practices. “I never went to a school after high school. My influences are the gathering of my own personal experiences and observations along the years—not something somebody told me to do or think,” says Rad. “I think it’s important to do your own thing without being influenced by anyone or anything. Of course everything has been done before, but I design what I feel like wearing.” As Rad continues to march to his own beat, we’ll be sure to follow. With roots also in styling and film directing, the designer shares his Top 3 fashion and technology picks below.


1. AppleMacBook Pro with Built-in 7-Hour Battery – “I can work my entire flight between Paris and New York on one charge.”

2. Rad by Rad HouraniUnisex Black Jersey Top/Dress with Black Elastic Suspenders – “This is my everyday top. I can’t wear any other top—I live in it.”

3. FlipMinoHD 120-Min Camcorder – “I can record all the moments happening around me.”

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