This is What Chloe Sevigny Wears to Lunch in Los Angeles

Lest you forget, ChloĆ« Sevigny is a freakin’ fashion icon. Not only does she have that cool little umlaut "o" in her first name, but has a closet to envy, isn’t afraid of cross-dressing, and has single-handedly revived the ’90s. Yesterday, the original It girl (who really hates being called an It girl, by the way) was spotted grabbing a bite at Little Dom’s in LA’s hipster-happy neighborhood Silver Lake. She was sporting butt-bearing bloomers, biker boots, a cropped sweater, and round shades. I wouldn’t expect anything less. 

Some may hate on Sevigny’s curious ensemble, but you have to understand that LA’s current kinda rainy, kinda warm weather calls for some creative transitional wear. She probably brought her sweater and boots from freezing New York, then realized once she got to Cali that it’s mild enough to bare her I-can’t-believe-she’s-38-years-old-and-has-legs-like-that legs and stopped by Opening Ceremony to get something as avant-garde as the rest of her get-up. You’re going to wish you thought of this in a few years.


Photos via Just Jared

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