These Devin Troy Strother x Del Toro Shoes Are The Coolest Thing You Can Put On Your Feet

Devin Troy Strother x Del Toro- Skate Lace up Sneaker (Available in Red, White or Black)

We’re longtime fans of LA-based artist Devin Troy Strother’s tongue-in-cheek work, oft-featuring bananas, squiggly-armed basketball players and emoji-esque smiley faces. Now, with the artist’s new collaboration with luxury shoe brand Del Toro, Strother’s signature aesthetic can be worn on one’s feet—covetable footwear for fashionistas and art nerds alike.

“I was interested in Del Toro because they’re a smaller brand that’s made in Italy by, like, five dudes,” Strother explains. “I’m not sure what the exact number of Italians is, but I know it’s a low number.”

This “low number” of Italian shoemakers took a quintessentially Strother-y print of bananas and crossed out faces and splashed it across leather sneakers ($365) and slip on sandals ($325), undoubtedly cooler than a Gucci flip flop. “I wanted to make sandals because Del Toro mainly makes boots, boat shoes and slippers,” he says. “I’m in California and wanted sandals or something like the classic Vans.”

Available in a limited run, the kicks can only be found in New York, where they will be displayed at the brand’s new project space, which opens on Thursday, alongside Strother’s artwork. According to Strother, who currently has a solo show up at Richard Heller Gallery in LA, restricting the number of shoes manufactured makes them more like wearable art, and less than the artist/clothing brand collaborations we so oft see these days. “It made the project feel more like doing an edition of prints or something.”

Devin Troy Strother x Del Toro is available at Del Toro’s Project Space at 170 Mercer Street from November 5th

Devin Troy x Del Toro Flip Flop

Devin Troy Strother x Del Toro Nappa Quilted Sandals (Available in Red or Black)


Devin Troy Strother, Installation View: “They should’ve never given you niggas money,” 2015



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