The Fat Jew’s Dad Fashion Show Features Real Craigslist Dads

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Photo via @lindsaysilb on Instagram 

Internet sensation The Fat Jew, born Josh Ostrovsky, stayed true on his promise of casting Craigslist dads for his Dad Fashion Show.

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Photo via @MilkStudios on Twitter

Showing at The Standard, Highline, Ostrovsky’s casting of actual dads made for a refreshing change in the mix of a season full of stick-thin models.

A video posted by @backstagebombshell on

Video via @backstagebombshell on Instagram 

We love his cultural reference to the “dad bod”, gone viral by shirtless photos of Leo DiCaprio straddling a water gun all over the Internet.

In addition to the humor, Ostrovsky recently told the now defunct about his heartfelt vision behind the collection:

I just want to inspire people of my size and my gender to be comfortable in their own skin, because it’s OK to have a mediocre body and very, very high cholesterol, as long as you look great doing it.

We are laughing and inspired – #NewYorkFashionWeek gold.