The Dreaded Second Bag Syndrome

As New Yorkers, we’re privy to a whole host of advantages over most of the world: an accessible public transit system, 24-hour access to nearly anything you could want, and a never-ending stream of interesting things to do. But with such greatness at your fingertips, New Yorkers often need to be prepared for a variety of situations and events, which can mean either one seriously oversized purse, or the infamous second bag.

Serving as a catch-all for the spillage of your purse, the second bag primarily serves to hold a laptop, gym clothes (or change of clothes for those with outer-borough partners), seasonal accessories, or a small dog. The second bag should be unassuming and inconspicuous — it needs to match any outfit and hold up in any weather, like the recycled Forestbound tote ($168), pictured. After the jump, check out our favorite second bags, and never be caught without a toothbrush, yoga mat, or spare iPad again.


The adjustable straps on this tote by Delmare ($29) lets you throw it over your shoulder or hang from the crook of your T. Rex arms.


The white canvas on this bag by Bell’Occhio ($68) will only look better with age.


Stand out from the sea of canvas tote bags with this leather carry-all by An+Ka ($147).

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