Ten Over Six Launches Capsule Collection into Orbit

The OCD accessory-obsessed boutique Ten Over Six has launched a “delicious details” private label. They are calling it a capsule collection due to its embryonic size, but from the looks of it there’s nothing tiny to be found. The quilted paint-dipped booties, hand-dipped quilted leather clutches, graphic pop rings fashioned out of acrylic and wood with artist Steven Shein, and vintage wool and cashmere desert fashion knitted coats are all for the large and in charge.

Ten Over Six is Los Angeles’ answer to the question of “how do I make this outfit work?” From the palms of the hands reaching out from the walls to the seats of the chairs climbing to the ceiling, there’s not a fashion accessory missing from the seemingly endless display. The perfect ring, bag, shoe, necklace — or most importantly for Hollywood fashionistas, pair of shades — is here to make that high-waisted pencil-line skirt work with that darling modern blouse. We believe, like Ten Over Six, in the amazing powers of the accessory. All hail the wise vintage Indian silk clutches!

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