Teddy Stratford Shirts for the Simultaneously Stylish & Lazy Man in Your Life

Bryan Davis was in Bangkok when he got pulled over. Nevermind the driving foul, he was immediately distracted by the police officer’s shirt—the best tailored, fitted button-down he’d ever seen. He asked the officer how he could find such a shirt and found himself with a Thai tailor who’d been making police uniforms for decades.But what was so different about this button-down that the police officers in Bangkok were rocking so well? Simple: It didn’t button at all, rather, a zipper closed the shirt, hidden underneath buttons, eliminated and distributing any tension.

BD w-Police

Inspired and back home in America, Davis paired with well-known shirt maker Carl Goldberg. In addition to implementing that magic-making zipper, they thought to further improve the dime-a-dozen menswear staple with other patent-pending finishes, such as a special collar engineered to stay up right. They tweaked the usual design by narrowing the yoke, raising the arm holes, trimming the sleeves, tapering at the waist and hips, and shortening the tails so the shirt could look better tucked in.

Blue Oxford Unzipped

$34,688 later on Kickstarter, this utilitarian and practical uniform for the man-in-style can be yours. Check it out here.


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