Wear Your Efva Attling Jewelry with Pride

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“Beauty with a thought,” it’s a tagline that Swedish jeweler Efva Attling prides herself on. And her designs remain true to this notion. Most recently Attling was named the newest ambassador for the Hetrick-Martin Institute for LGBTQ youth.

After a tour of the HMI HQ in NYC, Attling felt inspired and proud to accept the request to become an ambassador, and went on to design a special necklace, from which 30% of proceeds will go to HMI.

The story behind the necklace is inspiring: Emma Green Tregaro, a high jumper, painted her nails in the colors of the rainbow flag, in protest of Russia’s anti-gay laws. She was later forced by the Swedish athletes association to remove the rainbow nail polish.

Attling states, “You can’t see the colors, but you can read them. Their names are stamped in the metal! You can wear them in support for all LGBTQ people in the world who are still being silenced, imprisoned and killed” Attling said.

You can get your own rainbow freedom necklace or tee-shirt here.