MADE and the Clinton Foundation Team to Save the Elephants

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Photo: Aria Isadora/

Fashion loves cute animals, which is a good thing in general, but especially when the industry decides to harness its mass collective power for good. During fashion week, you might remember the giant pink elephant on the ground floor of Milk Studios, created by artist Tristin Lowe. Though it may have appeared as little more than Instagram-bait, those who took a closer look knew it was in fact part of Made and the Clinton Foundation’s joint efforts for Save the Elephants. Also last season: Oscar de la Renta guests found stuffed elephants on their seats.

Now you can make a stylish contribution to the cause without an invite to an ODLR show. Made and the Clinton Foundation have teamed up with Suno, Pamela Love, and Prize Pins on items you can buy now to help save the elephants. Each brand created items from which a percentage of the proceeds from each sale goes to support conservation efforts by leading NGOs like the Wildlife Conservation Society and Conservation International.

“There is no ‘safe’ ivory, as ivory only comes from slaughtered elephants,” Chelsea Clinton told These pieces trump ivory in every way.

elephant pin

pamela love


Get them here, and when you post about ’em, use #saveelephants to make your voice heard.