Comedians, Models, and Paul McCartney Come Out to Honor Stella McCartney

In what must have been a wonderfully comical night, Stella McCartney was honored at Lincoln Center’s Alice Tully Hall last night. McCartney was presented the Women’s Leadership Award in recognition of her social responsibility and philanthropy by the Fund’s Leadership Committee and Women’s Leadership Council. The evening raised $1.6 million the event is one of the most successful fundraisers organized in the fund’s history.

The evening’s program, and tribute to McCartney included a conversation with Jerry Seinfeld, and the night was emceed by Chelsea Handler. Other hilarious attendees included Amy Poehler, Lorne Michaels, and Seth Meyers. Of course, that doesn’t even account for the rest of the fab crew who turned out to support Stella. Other guests included Jeff Koons, Cindy Sherman, Kate Upton, Reese Witherspoon, Bono, and Gwen Stefani…to name a few. Stella’s father, one Paul McCartney, was the surprise award presenter. After the program, guests enjoyed a vegetarian dinner–only appropriate for the queen of animal friendly fashion.


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