Steal This Look: The Bad Girl on the Red Carpet

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Illustration by Hilton Dresden

So you’re getting ready for your next big movie premiere, and you want to earn your spot on as many Best-Dressed lists as you can. But you’re also a bad girl, and you don’t want any of your cool downtown friends to think you care about anything as trivial as making sure to beat Bella Hadid in the next edition of ‘Who Wore it Better.’ Don’t worry, sweet child. We’ve got you covered. Here’s what to do:

The Color Block Blazer.


Find the color that’s right for you. The more structured, bold, and asymmetrical, the better. Can’t figure it out? Just get this one from Michael Kors.¬†And don’t wear anything under it.

The Long Tulle Skirt.


Pair your more hardcore top with ultra-femme vibes on bottom. This one from ASOS is gorgeous and won’t break the bank.

Obviously, any self-respecting contender for Best-Dressed is going to pair this look with black pointed heels, a Burgundy velvet choker, and a casual half-up half-down ‘do. Keep your bad girl attitude on you, whether that means a real cigarette or an e-cig if you’re trying to make nice with your lungs, and you’re good to go.