Sophie Turner, Justin Theroux Star in the New Louis Vuitton Tambour Horizon Campaign


Louis Vuitton has reached across the cultural zeitgeist for the campaign promoting the new Tambour Horizon connected watch. Indeed, it features four talents from four different universes: British Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner; American actor, screenwriter, director, and producer Justin Theroux; Norwegian/Thai model Urassaya Sperbund; and Chinese film star Liu Haoran.

The venerable quartet appear in LV’s stunningly shot print ads, video clips, and a short film, Hero, that focuses on the watches’ greatest feature: connection. While these leading lights come from far and wide, with wildly differing backgrounds and stories, here they are fascinatingly brought together. The film gives the sense of a journey connected both to the outer world and to one’s own inner self, while also forwarding the timeless message that life is meant to be lived to the fullest.



Vuitton’s latest watch design includes new applications such as “My Travel” for trains, flights and hotels; “Pollution”; and “Agenda” – all intended to keep the wearer organized and “plugged in” each and every day. And with its new interchangeable straps, LV takes functionality and customization even further. To be sure, this timepiece has surpassed just being a useful and very stylish accessory, and become a veritable must-have ally.

The face of the watch is a standard sphere, which is shown as a common theme in the films. Each short plays with the image of an omnipresent circle – consider it to be the co-star of each clip. Thankfully the circle narrative does not play out like The Ring – but it does seemingly stand for the connection all beings have with their own universe, and what gives us all a common ground.


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