These Dogs Are Chicer than You

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Snoopy and Belle wear Isabel Marant

Snoopy and his sister Belle have wardrobes so chic they’re on display at the New Museum.

Some of my favorite fashion week moments are those that pay homage to fashion with a bit of light-heartedness. They are at once abundant and not-abundant, and sometimes they’re kind of destroyed by seeming like little more than Instagram-bait. There was, however, something decidedly unpretentious and in fact, adorable about #SBIF (that’s Snoopy and Belle–Snoopy’s sister, who knew?–in Fashion) a small exhibit I went to see at the New Museum’s Sky Room.

Snoopy (Charlie Brown’s pup) came into the world in 1950–two days into the premiere of Charles Schulz’s beloved Peanuts series. In 1968, Snoopy became a soft, cuddly toy, produced by Determined Productions and by the 1980’s fans were requesting clothes for their Snoopy stuffed animals. Connie Boucher who worked at Determined decided to reach out to the highest-end couture houses. Schulz was amazed that such famed designers were willing to lend their talent, but indeed they did. Snoopy was one chic beagle. Thirty years later, Snoopy and his sis have done some collecting to say the least.

In fact, it’s so fab that if I had Belle’s wardrobe, waking up for fashion week each day would be far less stressful. Outfitted by Anna Sui to Rodarte, J. Mendel to Dries Van Noten, Isabel Marant to Costello Tagliapietra, the siblings are impeccably fashioned and look dashing in each iteration. The exhibit is a testament to the weird and wonderful whimsy that keep fashion fun.

snoopy vintage chanel
Snoopy and Belle in casual vintage Chanel

snoopy versace
Decked out in Versace

snoopy rodarte
Majorly envious of these Rodarte ensembles

snoopy phillip treacy
Super on trend with headwear this season — in Philip Treacy

snoopy bibhu