Ashley Olsen Could Be Your Next Professor of Handbag Design

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Do you dream of designing but realize that shoes and bags have all the fun and dresses and pants and shirts are kinda whatever? (JK… kinda). If so, College for Creative Studies (CCS), in Detroit, in partnership with Shinola, also of Detroit, has the program for you. Like, for real, if I were at all artistically inclined, I would apply now.

Beginning in fall 2015, the college of art and design will offer a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree program in Fashion Accessories Design. It’s rarer than you think; though there are many excellent design programs, not many focus on accessories.

It’s silly, really: accessories represent a major global industry segment ($51 billion annually in the US alone) that is currently underserved academically.

If you’re old, don’t worry, this just means to ready yourself for an impressive and growing new batch of offerings from the future graduates: handbags, leather goods, accessories hardware, and footwear.

“Shinola is committed to the design, development and manufacturing of leather goods at scale inthe US and is proud to partner with CCS to offer the first Fashion Accessories Design program in the Midwest,” said Tom Kartsotis of Shinola.

Shinola will provide scholarships to ensure that the most talented students can attend this program as the incoming class, and provide opportunities for first-hand industry experience and guidance to all students in the program. The program will provide a thorough education ranging from education in design, technology, and research to prepare graduates to final product manufacturing and distribution. They also seek to teach crucial topics like trends forecasting and market research.

As any good fashion incubator should, the program will be supported and advised by the CFDA. In addition, the Fashion Accessories Design program is supported by an Advisory Council that represents a broadcross-section of industry professionals.

The Advisory Council is pretty damn impressive:

  • Francesca Amfitheatrof, Tiffany & Co.
  • Lauren Bush Lauren, Feed Projects and Lauren Pierce Atelier
  • Linda Dresner, LINDA DRESNER
  • Catherine Forbes, The Forbes Company / Somerset Collection
  • Jen Guarino, Shinola
  • Heather Joyce-Velez,
  • Tom Kartsotis, Shinola
  • Ashley Olsen, Dualstar Entertainment Group

For more information, check this outttt. P.S. If ever you have a class taught by Ashley Olsen, please call me.