Get Glam for a Night Out with Shenae Grimes

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You may know Shenae Beech, née Grimes, as 90210‘s Annie Wilson. In real life, however, she’s one half of Two Halves, her clothing and accessories line with husband Josh Beech, and a fashion girl, to boot. She’s got the room-turned-closet and glamsquad to make getting ready to party a party in itself. We got an exclusive look at how Shenae primped for a recent unveiling of Tart’s SS15 collection, held at a gorgeous private estate in L.A.

What are your jams to get ready for a night out?

Whatever my husband puts on the record player. Lately it’s been a lot of the Band on the Run album my mum gave him last Christmas — it was her favorite growing up — and Black Sabbath.

Do you work with a stylist or pick own clothes?

I dress myself with the help of a second opinion from my husband– don’t leave home without it.

What are you wearing?

shenae mug 2Photo: Josh Beech

Our company, Two Halves tee and jewelry, Wildfox shorts, Chanel booties, a custom-made tail coat I designed, and I made my purse by hand!

Favorite designers?

I love Kill City, Reformation, All Saints, Saint Laurent (from a distance until last week, my mum got me my first pair of shoes for my birthday!) and I’m a sucker for a staple boot by Chloe, it’s my annual major investment.

What’s in your bag?

shenae makeup bag essentialsPhoto: Josh Beech

I never leave home without my phone, wallet, mints or gum, lip balm, keys, some makeup for touch ups along the way if I’m out for the night, and around Halloween and Christmas there’s usually some candy or chocolate hiding in there, I’ve got a major sweet tooth!

Tell us about this amazing closet.

shenae shoesPhoto: Josh Beech

I converted the second bedroom into a closet about last three or four years ago. I’m a collector of clothes and thanks to my husband, they now manage to stay fairly organized… most of the time. I surrounded the perimeter of the room with freestanding racks, and thanks to his creativity and handyman skills, I now have an awesome wall of shoes.

The DIY shoe rack is definitely my favorite part of the room. After he sweetly built it, I literally went in there every day just to look and would call him in, like “Baby, look how beautiful they are, I can finally see them, thank you!!”

Do you prefer dressing up or down?

Dressing down–slapping on a pair of heels and a well tailored jacket is usually the extent of my dressing up.

Are you quick or slow to get ready?

shenae mirrorPhoto: Josh Beech

Pretty quick on most occasions. I’ve mastered a full face of war paint in under 20, and like I said, I usually just transition whatever I wore that day into a night look for going out with heels and a blazer or jacket.

Makeup must-haves?

shenae makeupPhoto: Josh Beech/ Makeup by Nikki DeRoest

I’m the ambassador for Annabelle, an amazing Canadian makeup brand that I’ve loved since I was first experimenting with makeup, so I’m lucky enough to be stocked with my favorite essentials by them. Their primer, BB Cream, and powder are my base every day, and I don’t think I ever leave home without a swipe of their eye ink pen and mascara.

What’s one thing that helps you get in the “going out” mood?

Vodka, a laugh, a dance with the hubs, and whatever tunes he’s blaring before we head out.

Signature scent?

Escada’s limited edition holiday scents, my mum gets them for me every year for Christmas, or whatever cologne my husband is using that day, he always smells so good!

What’s one beauty trend you don’t think you’ll ever try?

Colorful eyeshadow. Props to the women who have the balls to try it and the features to pull it off, but I’ve got my routine down and rarely stray from a smoky shadow, heavy cat eye, and a natural lip.

What’s one beauty trend you’d love to try but haven’t yet?

Bottom lashes, I’ve mastered individual false lashes on top but haven’t figured out the bottom for that doe-eyed doll look yet.

What’s the best piece of beauty advice you ever received, that you think everyone should know!?

Blend your foundation into your neck, don’t use bronzer all over, only where the sun would naturally hit, and areas you want to contour, and wash your face every night no matter how tired you are–that full cleansing regime will save you in the long run.

Who are your personal style icons?

My husband, Steven Tyler, Jim Morrison, most of Mick Jagger ‘s girlfriends from back in the day, and Kate Moss on her laid back days.

Nail art: yay or nay.

Yay all day.

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