Secteur 6 is Undertaking a ‘Regenerative’ Fashion Revolution



Secteur 6 is rethinking the entire way we source, produce and wear clothing.

While the current trend is sustainability, with seemingly every brand jumping on that particular bandwagon, Secteur 6 is taking it to the next level by pioneering a regenerative process end-to-end. What exactly is the difference between sustainable and regenerative production? While the former focuses on sourcing and manufacturing that minimizes impact to the environment, the latter actually enhances the environment through agricultural methods that enrich soil and capture carbon (amongst other things).

The founders, brothers Amit and Puneet Hooda, have played a pivotal role in establishing the Secteur 6 district of Delhi, India as a regenerative and transformative neighborhood that combines state of the art facilities with expertise in leading edge design and production. The Hoodas specifically set their sights on the fashion industry—currently recognized as the world’s second-largest polluter. And their Secteur 6 brand specializes in organic and regenerative manufacturing, from dying techniques to locally sourced and organically created fabrics and textiles. Their mission is to eliminate poverty for the people in the region by employing local farmers, and selling apparel that is both conscious and chic, with a goal to, as Amit puts it, “change the world one look at a time.”



To set the tone and direction, the Hoodas secured designer Rosemary Rodriguez—the former creative director of Paco Rabanne, Thierry Mugler and Maje. 

They just revealed a seasonless collection at New York Fashion Week (NYFW), offering “see now, buy now” and fall deliveries with bright colors such as poppy, fuschia and neon rainbow, that combine to create a look which works just as easily in downtown NYC, as in some far flung exotic destination. Artfully presented by master stylist Masha Orlov, the collection includes tangerine berets (modern pill box hats), evocative of Paris, which she mixed with bright-colored stockings. The collection pays tribute to the country of origin, with an embroidered Indian lotus flower.

It was made possible by Secteur 6 developing and creating game-changing textile innovations, such as using bananas, rose petals, organic cotton, hemp bamboo, and plant-based viscose, in keeping with their sacred commitment to source locally using regenerative agriculture.



This season features classic utilitarian and intentionally relaxed silhouettes, fringe embellishments, paillettes, embroideries and appliques. The ethical, as well as uniquely stylish collection, even includes silk pajamas for an elevated athleisure.

“There is a serious change afoot,” enthuses Amit, “and Secteur 6 is committed to changing the direction of where the earth is heading, while simultaneously elevating the feminine in all her forms.”

With proceeds supporting the education, job training, healthcare and community improvement of the workers in their facilities and farms they work with, a Secteur 6 purchase will not only power your wardrobe, but will contribute to elevating communities and renewing our environment.


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