Ryan Gosling’s Girlfriend is Launching a Fashion Line

Ever since Eva Mendes broke a million hearts by capturing the attention of Ryan Gosling last summer, the world stopped caring about her career as an actress and placed sole focus on her burgeoning career as Gos’ plus one. This all can be a lot to take for a traditionally in-charge kind of girl like her, so I’m not surprised that she’s finding new ways to make a name. Always somewhat of a fashion darling, Mendes has inked a big-money deal with New York & Co. to launch a clothing line called Eva by Eva Mendes.

WWD reveals that the collection will "consist of a large dress component and accessories" and that "bridesmaid dresses are just one of the opportunities." Hmm! Planning for a Gos wedding, perhaps? 

"I have a ton of ideas, but it’s a bit early to discuss them," Mendes adds. "[The project] is taking up all my time, but in the best way possible." Oh no! Is she now to busy to cater to Gos? 

Whether the line sells or tanks, you can be sure that the star will have one big fan: Gosling’s mom.



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