Runway on the Runway: Jessica Minh Anh is Staging a Sustainable Fashion Show on the JFK Tarmac



Vietnamese model Jessica Minh Anh has a mission: to channel vital information about sustainability through fashion. First off, it is something still less common than it really should be, considering our ominous eco reality. But Anh is no granola warrior—quite the opposite.

Indeed, she has made headlines putting on extravagantly beautiful productions around the globe, including the Grand Canyon Skywalk, London’s Tower Bridge, and the Eiffel Tower. Each has promoted an exigent issue related to the worryingly deteriorating climate situation on this Planet Earth.



Now she and her team will be taking over the DHL Express Gateway at John F. Kennedy International Airport this February 6, for a fashion presentation that speaks to the environmental effects of the global supply chain. The backdrop will be a fleet of energy-efficient aircraft, helicopters and electric cars.

“Through this project, I want to bring an innovative mindset to sustainability initiatives,” says Anh. “Since shipping and logistics are such a critical part of the fashion industry, the show will highlight green logistics solutions, which help minimize environmental damages and reduce transport related emissions.”



Hardly just a model with a mission, Anh has been a TEDx keynote speaker, and a dedicated warrior in the fight for climate awareness. But she is also adamant about supporting diversity in fashion. And the JFK show will feature Japanese legend Yumi Katsura, Peruvian artist Ani Alvarez Calderon, Vietnamese menswear brand VUNGOC&SON, and NYC jewelry designer Cristina Sabatini, alongside other designers focused on using sustainable materials and practices.

And why DHL? It turns out they have a strong commitment to reducing its carbon footprint around the world—significant, of course, for a company whose business relies on covering millions of miles every year.

Anh enthuses, “It is very important for me to partner with a company who prioritizes the health of our planet, and I have certainly found that confidence in DHL”.


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