Roberto Cavalli Introduces “Cavalli Card”

Whomever said you couldn’t buy your way into fame and fortune obviously never carried the Cavalli card. Fortune, of course, depending on the line of credit you’re actually offered, but the shoulders you’ll be bumping while enjoying the card’s many benefits just might bump you into your fifteen minutes. “Created for those who thrive upon excellence, elegance and quality,” the iridescent snakeskin-printed card will give your party-hopping friends and black Amex a run for their money, literally. Special VIP services at every Cavalli boutique worldwide, special sale privileges, and exclusive invitations to fashion shows and events are the tip of the diamond iceberg of Cavalli card benefits.

The card, set to go global as of March 1, will be delivered to each worthy holder in equally prestigious packaging. The don of “haute de gamme” himself said, “I love to immerse myself in new projects — they stimulate my creativity.” So even though the economy’s still headed toward the shitter, you might be able to sleep a little better at night in your silk snakeskin Cavalli PJs, content with the fact that in your wallet glows an iridescent gem that guarantees you instant fabulous.

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