Rihanna Wore a Glittering Gucci Bodysuit to Coachella and Changed Our Lives

Photo: @BadGalRiRi on Instagram

Coachella fashion has always been a vessel for some of the most daring looks of the year, and no one takes more advantage of the opportunity than the one and only Bad Gal Riri.

Rihanna won Coachella this year by showing up in a sparkling, crystalline bodysuit designed by Gucci’s Alessandro Michele for the Fall ’17 runway. She toned down the high-glam by accessorizing with a Gucci tank with “Common sense is not common” scribbled upon it, along with denim cutoffs and Fenty x Puma platform sneakers. Take a look at the inspiring look below:

” I can’t go home yet, cuz enough people ain’t seen my outfit “

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The suit dazzled when seen moving beneath light, as exemplified in this Twitter video:

Things went from effortless glam to intensely, ominously chic when Rihanna pulled the headpiece of the bodysuit over her head, becoming the first person to be best dressed at Coachella while wearing a diamond-encrusted head sock:

phresh out.

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